Jack Johnson in Havana

THE FIGHT THAT MADE HAVANA FAMOUS Early boxing great kayoed all comers in the ring, stirred up trouble outside it and brought the world to Cuba. One hundred years ago, … Continue Reading →

Two-Ton Tony’s Two Seconds of Glory

  He was a short, chubby, beer swilling prizefighter from Orange.  His name was Tony Galento, and 75 years ago this month he came within seconds of dethroning Joe Louis, … Continue Reading →

Jimmy Wilde – The Mighty Atom

Jimmy Wilde was one of the all-time greats of the fight game, yet he’s almost forgotten today. The “Tylorstown Terror” was virtually unbeatable in his era and recorded one of … Continue Reading →

Charley Burley – Uncrowned Champion

Boxing is one of the few sports where being too good at your craft, can actually be a detriment to your career. Charley Burley is considered one of boxing’s all-time … Continue Reading →

Gentleman Alexis Arguello

Boxing trainer, Eddie Futch, told me he liked working with Alexis Arguello because he was a consummate professional. “He did things right and got the right results in the end.” … Continue Reading →

Champions Forever – Film Documentary

The first time I met Muhammad Ali was March 1975, when he came to Cleveland, Ohio to defend his title against “The Bayonne Bleeder,“ Chuck Wepner. It was Ali’s first … Continue Reading →

Jack Dempsey – July 4, 1919 – Toledo, Ohio

Toledo Ohio captured headlines around the world in 1919 on Independence day. For it was at Bay View Park on Maumee Bay that the “Manassa Mauler,” Jack Dempsey, won the … Continue Reading →

Teofilo Stevenson – The Cuban Legend – Part II.

After the Montreal Games, promoters floated the idea of a dream-match between the seemingly invincible Teofilo Stevenson and the newly recrowned heavyweight champion, Muhammad Ali. The brainchild of American boxing promoter … Continue Reading →

Teofilo Stevenson – The Cuban Legend – Part I.

When we hear someone referred to as “the greatest” we immediately conjure up images of boxing legend Muhammad Ali throwing lightning-quick jabs and taunting the camera, “I’m the greatest, the … Continue Reading →

Boxing in San Francisco

  During the California Gold Rush, amateur and professional boxing almost immediately gained a strong foothold in northern California, as the gold fields and mining camps provided both employment and … Continue Reading →